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Tri O and Konica Minolta Serbia – technology that exceeds clients’ expectations

Tri O is a family company from Arandjelovac, Serbia. Behind the somewhat unusual name is a story that reflects family connection and resourcefulness. “Tri O represent three brothers who stand together, empowered as one and means a sense of pride, responsibility for quality and determination to succeed”, said Mr. Nebojsa Orlovic, owner of the company Tri O. All three values connect them with the company Konica Minolta Serbia. We bring you the story of a successful collaboration.

Tri O did not start its business as a printing house, but as a retailer and wholesaler of white goods and hardware. How did you find yourself in the printing industry?

The Tri O printing house started operating in 2009, when we bought the bankrupt First Serbian printing house Nikola Nikolic from Kragujevac. Then we realized that we could start a printing house just for the needs of the Tri O company by renovating the existing machine park. However, in the meantime, numerous opportunities have opened up for cooperation with a large number of suppliers who needed a reliable printing house that can meet all the demands and needs of the market. So year after year we have become richer for modern machines that can print the final products of top quality.

In recent years, you have been turning your business towards digital printing. Why?

After analyzing the market and client requirements, there is an increasing need for fast and quality printing, we realized that if we want to be competitive, we have to make numerous changes. Especially in the area of small print runs, where we saw our chance. In the whole story, it is very important that we do not look at work from the point of view of today’s printer, but from the point of view of business, which is a big difference in the approach to work itself.

You have strong support in the expansion in the direction of digital printing from Konica Minolta. How did the collaboration begin?

The decision to choose Konica Minolta as a partner stems from several key factors. First of all, Konica Minolta has proven its expertise and leadership in the field of digital printing. Their innovative, reliable and adaptable technology provides us with the necessary flexibility to meet the various demands of our clients. In addition, Konica Minolta provided us not only with high-quality printing machines, but also with support and training of our team. Their team of experts was with us during the implementation of the machines in our system, providing us with knowledge and support in order to make the most of the potential of the equipment. What particularly attracted us to the cooperation with Konica Minolta is their focus on innovation and sustainability. Their commitment to environmental initiatives and technologies that reduce the impact on the environment coincides with our own values and goals.

Which Konica Minolta machines do you currently have? Are you satisfied?

We are currently the users of several solutions from Konica Minolta: AccurioPress 6136P, AccurioPress C12000E and AccurioShine3600 & iFoil. The AccurioPress 6136P impresses us with its reliability and high performance, providing fast and precise black-and-white digital printing. With the AccurioPress C12000E we are able to provide high-quality color printing even in large runs, and the AccurioShine3600 & iFoil adds a special visual effect and personalization to our products. As for satisfaction, we can safely say that we are very satisfied with the performance of these machines. We believe that these Konica Minolta solutions are key to our competitive advantage.

The last investment was the AccurioShine 3600 & iFoil. Which segment of the job market are you targeting with this solution?

AccurioShine 3600 & iFoil plays a key role in our portfolio for several reasons. First, the AccurioShine 3600 & iFoil allows us to expand our product offering and adapt to different market needs. The ability of this device to add visual effects and personalization contributes to creating unique and attractive printed materials for our clients. We aim at the market segment that appreciates high-quality, personalized products and special effects. This includes the production of marketing materials, luxury packaging and other specialized printed products. For us, the greatest advantages of this device are precision and the possibility of applying sophisticated visual effects. This allows us to stand out on the market and provide clients with products that exceed their expectations. Essentially, with this investment, we have created an opportunity for differentiation on the market, providing clients with unique and high-quality printed products, thereby strengthening our position in the printing industry.

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