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Everything you wanted to know about Print 4.0 – join us at the conference!

Some call it the”fourth industrial revolution,” others prefer the term “Industry 4.0”, but whatever the name is, we are talking about the change that affects or will affect every manufacturing sector – including graphic arts industry. To the printers it brings Print 4.0, new direction of development.

Many will ask why an industry, such as graphic, needs more automation, digitalization and computerization. The answer is simple : better efficiency, flexibility and profitability.

Therefore, most printers will have to go through the significant transformation to fully understand the benefits of industry 4.0 – not just in terms of production, but also development strategy and management policy.

Wanting to point out the changes that Print 4.0 is bringing to the graphic arts industry and how to make your business simpler, faster and more innovative, Print Magazine organizes a one-day international Print 4.0 conference, on April 26 in Catez (Slovenia) at the hotel Terme.

More about the topics and the program you can find here. Join us at the conference!

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