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Linea invested in the latest Mimaki UJV55-320

The first Mimaki UJV55-320 in the Adria / Balkan region was installed in the company Linea d.o.o. , Ivanić-Grad. The supplier of this printer is Igepa Plana d.o.o., Mimaki ‘s  distributor. Regarding the delivery of this printer, we visited the company Linea d.o.o., and talked to Mr. Blaž Prebeg.


A cursory glance at the machines in your company does not explain your decision to buy the Mimaki UJV55-320 printer.

“This is a second Mimaki in our company. For many years, we have already been using Mimaki cutter, but this is the only Mimaki machine we have. We have many printers such as HP Latex, EFI, D-Gen, Seiko and our latest investment is Mimaki UJV55-320.”


What is the reason for choosing Mimaki over other printers ?

“The reason for choosing Mimaki is not our dissatisfaction with other brands. Each printer in our firm is specialized in printing some of the applications. So we have also prepared some applications for the MIMAKI UJV55-320 to print with. These are the applications for POS program. We will make a print on films that are used for rollup banners, as well as on self-adhesive foils, banners, mesh and large width textiles, intended for indoor and outdoor advertising. ”


What benefits do you see in the Mimaki UJV55-320 printer use?

“For a long time, I have been devoted to the analysis of the printer’s functionality and Mimaki deserved the most positive ratings. I have analyzed several parameters. The first was the ecological component of the print, because most applications, we are planning to print, are intended for internal use. The UV ink we use has a “GREENGUARD Gold” certification for safe use of indoor applications. Most of our applications are used in hotels, restaurants, offices or fairgrounds.

The great feature of this printer is a high print resolution with  very vibrant colors. Our applications are used for the interior and because of that they should be looked at from close range, so printing quality is very important.


The print speed and 320cm width allow us to perform jobs that require large print circulations in a very short time. This refers to fair applications that require fast reaction both in print and in field application. We do not have time to wait 24 hours for imprint drying and after that laminating and applying. By using Mimaki LUS-120 inks, we are planning to speed up the whole process of branding our partners’ fair space. I’m also optimistic about mechanical fingerprint resistance. The first tests of the printed film without lamination give a satisfactory result and hopefully, we will make significant savings in printing trade fair applications on self-adhesive foil because we will be using the LUS-120 inks and consequently avoid the need for laminating the imprint prior to application.

Printing on backlit materials is very important to us. In the recent years, many of our applications have been intended for retail use, on aluminum frames with LED lighting. For these applications  high color coverage is very important. The print width is also important because most frames are larger than two meters. Coverage of backlit printing materials with the Mimaki UJV55-320 printer is great. Black colour does not turn into gray and other colors do not lose intensity as well. Illuminated backlit applications visually seem very vivid and natural, which is rare in most of the printers we have tested.

The seriousness of the salesman of Igepa Plana, and their service support were one of the key factors. Good long-term mutual cooperation and confidence have influenced the purchase of the printer.

The last and very important reason for purchasing the Mimaki UJV55-320 is the price. The printer’s quality, speed and print dimensions, color and maintenance prices are very affordable and will definitely improve our profit margins when printing.

The MIMAKI UJV55-320 enables us to print new applications.A part of the standard program, which we have performed with other printers so far, now we will be printing faster and more favourably. By investing in the Mimaki UJV55-320, we expect less pressure in the production facility when it comes to peak production loads, opening new print applications and ,of course, savings on standard printing applications. ”



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