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Print Magazin – about us

Print Magazine is the largest regional magazine for digital printing which is distributed in Adria/Balkan region: Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia and Kosovo.

It is distributed free to 5500 addresses. It is issued 6 times a year. We also have one special issue a year- Wrap Magazine with a circulation of 3000 pcs.
We focus on all aspects of digital and traditional print technology. Our mission is to inform our readers about the latest trends in graphic industry and connect them with producers, distributors and future clients. Our readers are commercial and digital printers, sign makers, advertising agencies and publishing houses. It is also very important to say that we are sending our magazine to marketing departments of top regional companies because they use 80% of printed materials in their business.
We are also organizing various events, educational trainings, conferences and workshops to bring new digital and traditional printing services to the customers who want to take their business to a new level or to people who are just entering the world of graphic industry.



48% – Commercial and Digital printers
15% – Marketing departments of Top Regional Companies
7%   – Sign-makers and Screen-printers
6%   – Advertising Agencies & Design Studios
6%   – Publishing Houses & Educational Institutions
5%   – Copyshops & Photographers
4%   – Suppliers and Manufacturers of graphic materials
9%   – Others


Personalized Direct Mail / Free of charge


Print Magazin
6 issues per year
Circulation for 2017  +5500 pcs.

Wrap Magazin
1 issue per year
Circulation for 2017  +3000 pcs.

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